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Our Process

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We strive on the importance of a customized financial plan to help meet your needs.  We are aware that not everyone has the same financial goals, therefore we specialize in offering a boutique-like plan with each individual client.  We encourage you to set up an appointment and let one of our financial consultants find the best plan for your financial goals.

The Process

Working together, we will assist in creating your financial roadmap – one based on sound investment principles and appropriate risk management. Your personal roadmap will be built upon the following six steps:


Establish and Define Our Relationships
This is a professional relationship that thrives upon compatibility. We need to be the right fit for each other.  We need a relationship in which you will always understand how decisions are mutually made.  We need to know more about YOU!


Collection of Data
The collection of information about your financial situation is imperative before making any financial recommendations. We need to mutually define your personal and financial goals, understand your time frame for results, and discuss how you feel about risk.


Analysis and Evaluation of Information
The analysis of your financial information will help in the assessment of your current situation and determine what must be done to help you meet your life goals. This could include analyzing your assets, liabilities and cash flow, current insurance coverage, investments, distributions, or tax management.


Review and Presentation of Comprehensive Planning Recommendations and Alternatives
As a financial professional, we will offer customized financial recommendations that address your goals, based on the information provided. The recommendations will be reviewed with you so that you can make informed decisions.

ONEWEALTH will listen to your concerns and revise the recommendations as appropriate.


Implementation of Life Planning Recommendations
Agreed upon recommendations will be implemented and can be coordinated with other financial professionals such as attorneys or accountants.


Monitoring the Recommendations
Markets change as do your financial situations, goals, and objectives. Periodic meetings will be necessary to review your situation and to fine-tune recommendations, as your life changes.

Your Objectives Come First

At ONEWEALTH, our number one priority is to help you achieve your financial goals. Our approach has been designed to help you prioritize financial objectives and identify strategies to help accumulate, protect, convert, and transfer your wealth.

Such objectives may include:

  • Determining your net worth

  • Analyzing your asset allocation

  • Retirement planning

  • Education funding

  • Maintaining or enhancing your lifestyle

  • Preparing for a major purchase

  • Family and/or income protection

  • Converting wealth to income

  • Creating a legacy/estate planning

Have you met our team?

We have a wealth of experience in the financial services industry.

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